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Leslie Chan

Expertise: Project and Natural Resource Management

Years of experience: 12


We build partnerships and networks to further shared goals.                  


The unique combination of Regenerate staff experience – bringing together analysis, ecology, planning, landscape design, communication, and operations and maintenance – provides innovation, flexibility, streamlined project management and most importantly projects that exceed client objectives. We bring diverse interests together to achieve common goals.​                        

Bridget Stuchly 

Expertise: Sustainability and Local Food System Policy and Planning, Stakeholder and Community Engagement 

Years of experience: 15

​Integrated Systems for People and Place

Emy Maloutas Dator

Expertise: Regenerative Design, Land Planning, Land Mannangemnt and Public Engagement.

Years of experience: 17

Will Dator

Expertise: Construction and Operations

Years of experience: 26

Barry Bennett, Phd

Expertise: Plant Ecology and Forest Management.

Years of experience: 14

Alex Maloutas

Expertise: Graphic Communications, Digital and Letterpress Printing.

Years of experience: 18


Plans, operation manuals and project information are communicated with clear and simple graphics. Project managers are available to handle any need, from routine site planning to unique custom requests.                       


Our construction team gets it done on time and within budget.                  

Plant Ecology

The science behind our work helps us sleep at night - tonight and tomorrow night.                  

Our Team

To be a leader in regenerative design and thinking relating ecosystems, renewable energy, managed landscapes and sustainable agriculture at all scales, demonstrating innovation and environmentally responsive design through realized projects.


We combine thorough data and analysis to create regenerative site plans.                         

Our Vision

Our Strength